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If you wish to book the Choir for your event please follow the 'Hiring the Choir' link.

We are constantly in discussion for events ahead and these appear here where they are close to being confirmed but remain provisional.  When the details are fixed that information is displayed on this page.  We usually hold 4 major events in any one year - Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Christmas Concerts - with smaller events interspersed amongst these.

Our public events in the period ahead are as follows:


Saturday 19th January                                                         "A Winter Musicale"
                                                Concert supporting the 'New Foyer Appeal', Grand Theatre, Lancaster, 7.30pm

including guests 'Hum, Holler and Sing', '5 in a Bar' and supporting artistes
Tickets £10 from The Grand Theatre or the Choir

Saturday 30th March              Concert in aid of St John's Church repairs, Lancaster, (precise venue tba),7.30pm

Friday 26th April                     Joint Concert with Dalston MVC, St Andrew's Church, Penrith, 7.30pm

Saturday 2nd November        Joint Concert with Bois Goetre-Hen MC (South Wales), (precise venue tba), 7.30pm

Wednesday 18th December  Christmas Concert, Ashton Memorial, Williamson Park, Lancaster, 7.30pm