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Our choir consists of people from all backgrounds, but the one thing we have in common is an enjoyment of singing. Anyone who shares this is invited to come to one of our rehearsals. You do not need an exceptional voice, just the ability to sing in tune and blend with the choir. You are not required to take an audition. Friendly help is always on hand to guide you.


1. Whom do I contact? Paul Rasmussen is the choir secretary and can be contacted on 07811865556. Chas Matthews is the chairman and can be contacted on 07846409825. Alternatively, you can contact us via the website or our Facebook page. If you know a member you can attend with them, or just turn up to a rehearsal at the Lancaster Methodist Church classroom. Although we are based in a church, we are not a religious choir.

2. What can I expect first rehearsal? Firstly, a very warm welcome from Chas, Paul or Jude (our Musical Director). You can just listen for a while or borrow a folder with our current musical repertoire for the evening. You can join in the singing if you like. Our rehearsals are held Tuesdays, from 7pm to 9pm.

3. We have four vocal sections: - Top Tenor (highest voice), Second Tenor (slightly lower), Baritone (lower still) and Bass (lowest voice). If you don’t know which one you are you can try different sections and see what suits you. The MD and other choir members will be happy to guide you.

4. Your first concert: - You will sing in your first public performance as and when the MD approves.

5. Will I need a uniform? No, one will be loaned to you (small refundable deposit required). For concerts you will need to provide your own black trousers and shoes.

6. How much is choir membership? Currently £80 per annum. However, your first three months are free, so that you can decide whether choir singing is for you before you commit yourself.

7. Social activities? We usually have a summer gathering at Leighton Hall, Warton, mid-year, and a hot-pot supper and entertainments evening during February.