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The Choir is always on the look-out for new members.
If you think singing in a male voice choir is for you contact one of the numbers below and come along on a rehearsal night.
The Choir sings in four parts (from highest to lowest): Top Tenor, Mezzo-Tenor, Baritone, Bass.
You may not be certain where you fit in but come along and we will help you find out.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Choir does not operate a formal audition policy and you are not expected to be able to read music (though, obviously, it helps if you can).
However, we will check whether you can hold a note and know in general terms whether the music you are singing is going up or down!
We try to operate a 'buddy' system where you are partnered with an established member of the Choir in the section of the choir you are in.
They will help you get used to being in the Choir and with what we are singing at the time.

Be patient - it takes a while to get used to singing in a choir, becoming familiar with the repertoire and building your singing confidence.
But when you are an established member you will thoroughly enjoy it
and research says 'Singing is good for you':

'Singing is Good for You' Statement
'Singing is Good for You' Simplified Statement


The Choir rehearses on a Tuesday evening from 7 - 9pm in the School Room of Lancaster Methodist Church, Scotforth Road, Lancaster.  The entrance to the rehearsal room is on Kensington Road on the north side of the Church.

Although we rehearse in a Methodist Church WE ARE A SECULAR CHOIR ie we are not a Methodist choir nor do we have any particular religious affiliation.


Chas Matthews 01524 561904 or
07846 409825
Secretary: Paul Rasmussen 01524 35034 or
07811 865556
Communications Officer: Hugh Cutler
01524 34454